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Karthik Sriram

I am a Ph.D student from Yale University, New Haven, in my third year. I am part of the Yale Systems ARCHitecture group (check out our website!), where we study computer systems for platforms ranging from data center servers to implantable brain computer interfaces.
My broad research interests in computer science are in designing computer systems with principled hardware-software co-design techniques to enable a highly power efficient yet general architecture.
I use this approach to build systems for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) in my most recent work. BCIs are an exciting new field of technology and research that offers promise in treating neurological disorders and understanding brain function but require careful design to manage some of the constraints a brain implant faces. Our work includes HALO, a flexible architecture for implantable BCIs that enables multiple treatments while also being safe for use.
I completed my undergraduate from Rutgers University - Camden in 2018. Before that, I originally began my undergraduate study at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology in Mumbai, where I have lived most of life.


Hardware-Software Co-Design for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Ioannis Karageorgos*, Karthik Sriram*, Ján Veselý*, Michael Wu, Marc Powell, David Borton, Rajit Manohar, Abhishek Bhattacharjee
*joint first authors
in the International Symposium of Computer Architecture (ISCA) May 2020

I presented this paper virtually for the ISCA conference. You can view the video on Youtube!

Contact Info

You can contact me using my current email ID: karthik.sriram@yale.edu. My previous email IDs should also forward to this.